Life with OAB

Understanding OAB

With appropriate management, OAB can be managed. But if left unchecked, it may impact your quality of life.

It can restrict activities you once enjoyed, may make you feel embarrassed and could impact you socially, physically, emotionally and sexually.

Your emotions

People with OAB can lose their confidence and dignity. Some may experience depression. Some may avoid going out in public, leaving them feeling isolated.

Your job

OAB can have an impact on your job, your career or your business. You may find yourself absent from work more often or becoming less productive.

Your relationships

OAB can get in the way of intimate relationships. You may avoid sexual intimacy because of fear of leaking urine.

Your health

Due to a worry of leaking urine, you may limit physical activity or exercise. That could lead to other health problems like Urinary Tract Infections. It may even lead to falls and fractures should you find yourself rushing to the toilet.

Your finances

You may need incontinence pads, special underwear, extra bedding and more laundry. The expenses can quickly add up.